Real Estate Law

To meet the needs of our Clients, our company specialises in the broadly understood issues of real estate and construction law. We successfully implement projects related to real estate, its sale and lease of residential and commercial space.

How can we help?

We advise on property acquisition, investment planning and development. We assist in carrying out land and mortgage register proceedings. We deal with expropriation cases and obtaining compensation for lost real estate.

The range of interests of the Answer Law Firm also includes assistance in divisions and mergers of real estates and solving cases within the scope of the so-called neighbourhood law, as well as activity of housing communities.

Our lawyers also deal with:

  • analysis of the legal status of real estate and obtaining land and mortgage registers;
  • counselling at the stage of acquiring land, buildings and residential premises;
  • encumbrances on real estate for the benefit of third parties: establishment of mortgages and easements (e.g. right of way, right of way); Third party encumbrances: mortgages and easements (e.g. easement of access, right of way);
  • drawing up, designing, providing opinions on and concluding real estate sale agreements, agreements establishing perpetual usufruct, lease agreements, rental agreements and real estate agency agreements, as well as enforcing receivables under such agreements;
  • drafting developer agreements and agreements with purchasers of premises, and avoiding prohibited clauses in consumer transactions related to developer activity;
  • recovery of real estate seized by third parties or the State Treasury and compensation for non-contractual use of real estate;
  • expropriations of public investments related to compulsory purchase of real estate and compensation for actions taken by public entities;
  • infringements of real estate through improper use of neighbouring property (so-called nuisance) and restrictions on the use of real estate;
  • geodetic division and consolidation of real estate; division of real estate as a result of the termination of the spouses’ co-ownership, inheritance, or in connection with other events and legal titles;
  • establishment of separate ownership of premises; court representation and amicable settlement of disputes in the above matters.

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