Kancelaria Prawna ANSWER Wojciechowski i Partnerzy Law Firm

Kancelaria Prawna ANSWER Wojciechowski i Partnerzy Law Firm was established in April 2011 by lawyers who already had extensive experience in providing legal services. From the very beginning, the goal of the Firm is to provide its Clients with comprehensive support in solving their legal problems and to help them develop their business activity.

The Firm deems it crucial to understand the Client’s situation and expectations, as well as to identify strongly with the Client’s interests, and thus it takes every effort to adapt the services offered to the individual needs of each Client. Thanks to that, it often offers original and unconventional solutions. The commitment of the Firm’s team to the quality of the services provided, effective activities and a high organisational standard translates into building trust and Clients’ satisfaction.

The company is composed of legal advisors, trainees, as well as specialists and experts in various fields of law (learn more in the Team section). Thanks to the combination of various competences, the Firm provides comprehensive services to enterprises and helps to solve problems concerning copyright law, unfair competition or real estate.

The ANSWER Team has extensive experience in supporting business entities, including establishing, transforming, acquiring, merging and dividing companies, structuring and negotiating contracts, providing copyright, trademark, personal data protection and combating unfair competition (learn more in the Specialisations section).

A significant part of the Firm’s practice is related to e-commerce legal services, IT law and personal data protection. Our experienced Team is able to provide the legal standards required for online shops and websites. The Firm attaches importance to the processes of creating innovative start-up companies, supports investment funds and advises on the commercialisation of developed products and obtaining funds for their financing.

The company’s mission is to change the traditional perception of legal assistance by entrepreneurs as a purely costly item. Lawyers should be actively involved in advising on how to maximise Clients’ capital, take advantage of opportunities and avoid unnecessary costs or negative consequences that could deplete assets.

Our Clients are invited to use legal services and take part in educational thematic workshops and events organised by the ANSWER Law Firm.


Kancelaria Prawna ANSWER Wojciechowski i Partnerzy

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E-mail: kancelaria@answer.com.pl

Igor Morski for the Firm

A treat for both lawyers and guests visiting our Firm is the opportunity to interact with a special series of paintings by a world-renowned artist – Igor Morski (find out more at igor.morski.pl), which adorn the walls of our offices and lounges. The paintings are unique because they were created specifically with our Firm in mind. Bold, inspiring and energetic works of art, in which everyone may see something special, are for us a valuable source of initiatives and impulses to take daring actions.