Employment and Other Forms of Cooperation

The topic of employment is not only about the provisions of the Labour Code.  Increasing number of entrepreneurs decide to conclude a contract of mandate or a specific task contract, as well as to cooperate on the basis of the so-called B2B contract. Lawyers at Answer will support you at every stage of the employment process. We will help you choose the right form of cooperation, take care of the proper construction of the contract, advise you on matters related to holidays, business trips, overtime and disciplinary issues. We will also help you terminate a contract in a way to avoid litigation.

How can we help?

When working with the ANSWER team, you can benefit from our team’s knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • selection of an appropriate form of employment and drawing up an appropriate agreement – we will help you select the optimum form of cooperation; we will draw up an appropriate agreement which will precisely define the obligations of the parties and secure you in the event that your business partners fail to meet their obligations,
  • ongoing advisory services in all matters related to employees and employment – we will answer all your questions, prepare the documents necessary to achieve the desired result; we will obtain certificates, permits and interpretations from the relevant authorities and offices,
  • support in employing foreigners – we will explain what steps should be taken in order to legally employ a foreigner; we will indicate the relevant documents to legalize the stay and work of a foreigner; we will help you in efficient conducting of the whole procedure to legalize the employment,
  • representation in court cases – we will analyse the case and assess the related risk; we will develop an action strategy for you, taking into account the possibility of resolving the dispute amicably; if the case is brought before the labour court, Answer lawyers will defend your rights during the hearings.

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