Copyright and Trademarks

The Firm provides full support in protecting the brand owned. We assist in the registration of trademarks in Poland and in the European Community (EUIPO), as well as in the monitoring of infringements of granted protection rights. We support businesses in lodging claims for infringement of rights, as well as in the defence against unjustified claims.

How can we help?

The ANSWER team provides support for effective copyright protection, in particular:

  • we advise on the ways of using works and related rights (artistic performances, phonograms, videograms, broadcasts),
  • we help to draw up licence agreements (regulating the conditions of use of a work) or agreements on effective transfer of copyrights,
  • we review the legal status of intangible assets in terms of possible claims by third parties and to determine the limits of fair use,
  • we provide representation in contacts with organisations for collective management of copyright and related rights.

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