Elżbieta Białobrodzka-Skrzypiec

Lawyer, Economic Affairs Specialist

Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration and the Faculty of Neophilology at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Author of a scientific dissertation on limited liability company – limited partnership in Polish, German, Austrian, Swiss and Liechtenstein law. Member of the Editorial Committee of the study entitled “Wybitni polscy i rosyjscy cywilści” (Distinguished Polish and Russian Civil Lawyers) edited by Professor L. Moskwa.

She specialises in commercial and contract law with a particular emphasis on foreign law, especially German and Russian law. She has experience in providing comprehensive services to enterprises and in handling cross-border cases.

She gained her professional experience both in the law firms in Poznań and in legal departments of private enterprises.

At ANSWER, she mainly deals with corporate matters, including transformation processes (divisions, mergers, transformations of companies and sole proprietorships), as well as business cooperation agreements.

Passionate and supporter of the use of alternative methods for resolving disputes between entrepreneurs. Certified mediator.