Anna Zawadzka

Lawyer, Office Manager Warsaw

She began her several years of experience in providing legal services to businesses in law firms in Poznań, acting as a corporate lawyer since 2008. She participated in transformations, mergers and divisions, issues of securities, as well as acquisitions of enterprises, shares and stocks in companies.

For several years, her professional interests have focused on legal issues related to the investment and construction process. Thanks to the acquired comprehensive experience, Anna is characterised by a thorough approach to the cases she conducts.

At ANSWER, she looks after the Firm’s office in the Polish capital city.

In her private life, she is a proud mum, sharing a love for board games with her son. She walks mountain trails with her husband, observing chamois and escaping avalanches.  She is an enthusiast of motor sports, who eagerly tames a rear-wheel drive V12 on a race track.